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Seaweed could keep us fed through food shortages

Words by Abi Scaife

Scientists now believe that seaweed could be the key to tackling crop fialure.

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Extreme weather events caused by the climate crisis are affecting crop yields around the world. Luckily, we have a food source that is sustainable, grows extremely quickly, and actually benefits the climate - seaweed!


That’s right. Humans have been eating seaweed for thousands of years (fun fact; all types of seaweed are edible! Though some you may not actually enjoy eating), and scientists believe that one in particular, called Ulva, could be the staple crop we need to keep Europe fed.

33 countries, including the UK, are working together to get ‘seawheat’ onto supermarket shelves, in all its nutrient-rich glory.

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At Smiley Movement, we like to elevate the work of charities across the world. Here are three charities whose causes align with the themes in this article.

The Climate Coalition. This is the UK's largest group of people dedicated to action against climate change. Find out more and support them here.

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Rewilding Britain. They aim to tackle the climate emergency and extinction crisis, reconnect people with the natural world and help communities thrive. Find out more here.

This article aligns with the UN SDG Climate Action.

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