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Speak Up, Episode 3: LGBTQ+: Fighting For Social Change

Words by Harrison Read

Speak Up! by Smiley Movement is a series of roundtable discussions where we tackle some of the big issues in our world – and focus on the solutions.

We gather experts and people who are striving to make a difference to give them an opportunity to speak up and share their story.

In our third episode, we gathered experts to help us discuss why and how people within the LGBTQ+ community are so passionate about social activism.

Watch a four-minute highlight of the episode here.

Hear from:

Yasmin Benoit, Asexual activist and Stonewall ambassador.

Lip Wieckowski, Centre Manager, London LGBTQ+ Centre

Zarith, an ambassador for Rainbow Migration

Stephanie Fuller, CEO, Switchboard - National LGBTQ+ Helpline

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