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Speak Up! Music and The Mind

Words by Amy Packham

Speak Up! by Smiley Movement is a series of roundtable discussions where we tackle some of the big issues in our world – and focus on the solutions.

We gather experts and people who are striving to make a difference to give them an opportunity to speak up and share their story.

In our second episode, we gathered experts in the field of music and mental health to discuss music and the impact it has on our minds.

Hear from: Chas de Swiet, CEO, Sound Minds; Richard Clegg, CEO, Community Music; Priya Vithani, Senior Music Therapist, North London Music Therapy CIC; and Dr Simon Procter, Director of Music Services, Nordoff & Robbins.

Watch the full, 45-minute discussion:

Watch the two-minute highlights:

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