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Students raise $300k for accessible playground

Words by Tess Becker

To most kids, recess is the peak of the day and the one respite from a long school day.

But not every kid can take advantage of the tools at hand. While most kids play on the playground, using swings and slides some students, especially those with disabilities are often left on the side.

This is something that the students of Glen lake Elementary School wouldn’t accept and so they decided to try and help their fellow students by raising money for an accessible playground. 

The school has a large population of disabled students but didn’t have the amenities like wheelchair-accessible merry-go-rounds for them to use.

Some of the kids didn’t like seeing their classmates not able to play in the same way that they could so they asked their teacher if they could buy the equipment themselves. 

The price for the equipment was around $300,000 but with the passion and drive of a child, they weren’t swayed by that number.

They started collecting spare change, then held a bake sale, printed flyers, and went door to door.

Then they started seeking out businesses and restaurants to help support the cause and then with a little support from the Glen Lake Parent Teacher Organization, they finally hit their goal after months of work.

After succeeding at their goal they’ve since pivoted to working to provide an accessible playground to all Glen Lake schools, something that they’ve already raised $500,000 for. 

“With the help of friends and family, local businesses, community members, and donors, we not only met our goal, but surpassed it,” the PTO writes on its website. “They now have an even bigger goal - to raise enough funds to build a fully accessible upper playground.

"Our students are thinking creatively when imagining the possibilities.”

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