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3 eco-friendly supermarket initiatives

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We’re always keen to hear about ways businesses are giving back to people and the planet – and lately, it seems supermarkets are following through on their long-given promises about making their businesses more sustainable.

Here are just three recent initiatives that deserve a shout-out.

Morrisons introduces plastic free toilet rolls 

Look, it's a product millions of us use multiple times a day – so if we can reduce its plastic packaging, it's only ever going to be a good thing. 

Morrisons is launching paper-wrapped toilet and kitchen rolls to limit plastic waste and increase the use of recyclable packaging in customers’ homes. The paper packaging, which is responsibly sourced and FSC certified, is 100% recyclable to make it easy to put it into your bins. The toilet paper and kitchen sheets themselves are also made using 100% recycled paper.

Find out more about Morrisons' CSR initiatives.

Aldi is the first supermarket to stop selling disposable barbecues

Aldi has become the first UK supermarket to ban the sale of disposable barbecues nationwide, in a bid to protect the nation’s forests and wildlife. The ban across all its stores will also lead to the removal of approximately 35 tonnes of single-use waste packaging.

Liz Fox, corporate Responsibility director at Aldi UK, said: “We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and know that many of our shoppers are increasingly looking to do the same.

“We hope customers can embrace our latest move and still want them to enjoy their summer picnics and barbecues. As an alternative, we would encourage customers to opt for more environmentally friendly and sustainable options such as mini portable barbecues, ensuring they are used responsibly.”

Find out more about Aldi's CSR initiatives.

Waitrose has pledged further support to farmers

Waitrose has strengthened its support package to help all of its pig farmers during a time of national crisis. The move comes amid growing concerns about the UK pig sector which is facing the biggest crisis in a generation with falling prices impacting its financial sustainability.

Jake Pickering, senior agriculture ganager for Waitrose, explains: “We need to support our farmers before it’s too late to save their bacon. They kept food on our tables through the pandemic, and we need to help them through their tough times too.

“By guaranteeing a base price for pork, we’re protecting farmers for the months ahead and allowing them to plan for a long-term, sustainable future.”

Find out more about Waitrose's CSR initiatives.

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