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Entrepreneurs create bottle made from plants

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Two young Scottish entrepreneurs have created the first reusable bottle made from plants. 

Since 2018, Jake Elliott-Hook and Amee Ritchie have embarked on a mission to craft the world's first reusable bottle made from plant-based materials. 

They realised many people would throw away their plastic, steel or glass reusable bottles only a few months after being bought due to their metallic taste, foul smells and inability to be efficiently cleaned.

So, after two years of research, they managed to create the first reusable water bottle made from plant-based materials using naturally grown wheat straw. This is a bonus, because it’s sourced from farmers who have no use for it – so they’re not contributing to waste, since it will biodegrade. 

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Through creating their company S’wheat, they managed to craft what they believe is the “most sustainable bottle yet”.

S’wheat is not only made from plant-based materials, but also gives back to the environment. 

With every bottle sold, they remove 20 pounds of ocean-bound plastic and plant a trackable native tree in your name. You can track where your tree has been planted and monitor what stage of growth it’s at. 

“We started S’wheat in 2018 with a mission to reduce the world’s single use plastic bottle pollution,” said Amee. “We wanted to create an innovative reusable bottle that was designed with sustainability and practicality in mind. 

“We started from humble beginnings, launching via a crowdfunding campaign. The response we had from this campaign was extremely positive, raising over 230% more than our goal in just 30 days. 

“Since then we have been continuously increasing our environmental impact, planting trees, taking plastic out of the ocean, starting projects protecting wildlife, sea life and so much more.”

Jake added: “We wanted to create a new material that would be as durable as plastic but without the negative consequences; we found everything we needed to do so in nature. 

“Sustainability is the core value of S’wheat and it remains at the heart of everything we do, we are constantly pushing ourselves to be the most sustainable brand out there.”

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