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London offers 30k free trees to public

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Thousands of trees are being given away in London, in a bid to increase greenery, cool the city, provide welcome shade, and prevent flooding. Fancy a pack for yourself? The Conservation Volunteers have partnered with Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, to give away over 30,000 trees to be planted this autumn.By planting more trees in London, the Mayor hopes that it will contribute to London being a greener, healthier place to live, and give everyone access to green outdoor spaces.

How can you get involved?

There are three different packs to choose from, each containing 50 trees: a hedgerow pack, a fruiting pack and a wildlife pack. While stocks last, you can order multiple packs – these are completely free and available for community groups, schools and other organisations.“The extreme temperatures and fires that we saw across the capital this summer and the floods last year made clear just how vulnerable London is to the effects of climate change,” said Shirley Rodrigues, the Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy. “Planting trees is one of the key ways we can reduce heat and the effects of flooding in our city, which is why the Mayor pledged an additional £3.1m for a mass tree-planting package to help limit the impacts of the climate emergency and the ecological crisis.”Joe Coles, The Conservation Volunteers Tree Programme Manager, added: “By planting trees and working with nature, we can help to mitigate some of those impacts through the natural cooling properties that trees can impart. Not to mention the health and social benefits that come with spending time in greener more natural spaces.”Applications can be made on the TCV website and, if you aren’t sure if you qualify, you can contact TCV at t[email protected] for more information.

Inspired to act?

DONATE: Give to The Conservation Volunteers to help support their efforts in creating and maintaining green spaces in the UK.GET INVOLVED: Volunteer with The Conservation Volunteers to get out in nature and support our wildlife.


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