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'Teach The Teacher' brings climate awareness

Words by Smiley Team

Students are transforming into teachers in a bid to educate people across the country and climate change – for the sake of our planet. 

Mock COP, hosted by SOS-UK charity, is running a project called "Teach the Teacher". It's an international, youth-led campaign bringing students into their schools to talk to their educators about climate change.

The workshop explains what it's like to be a young person experiencing a climate emergency, what climate anxiety is, and how exploring climate action can help students turn their fear into power.

So why are they doing it? Well, 70% of teachers don’t feel adequately equipped to educate students on climate change. So the aim is to equip them with resources and confidence to implement climate education in their classrooms. 

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"We see the impacts of the climate crisis every day, and now more than ever," they say, "and it's essential to educate students in a way that sparks hope within them. Teach the Teacher empowers students to speak to their teachers in a way which ensures open and holistic discussion about climate change, climate education, its intersectionalities and all of its adversaries."

Last year, their team trained 90 students across 24 countries to deliver Teach the Teacher,supporting them in adapting the content to their localities and contexts. The trained students then delivered the workshop in a total of 47 schools in 21 countries. 

Inspired to act? 

SIGN UP: Students and Teachers (on behalf of their students) can sign up online.

FIND OUT MORE: You can head to the Mock COP website

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