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The 12-year-old prodigy producing art for charity

Words by Tess Becker

An incredible 12-year-old, Arsh Pal, has been producing and selling art to raise money for charity for four years. Today he is collaborating with another purpose-driven artist to produce yet more artwork for charity.

Arsh started his journey when he was just eight years old after learning to paint with his mom. Five years later he’s raised over $16,000 for charities including St Jude Research Hospital, Easter Seals, Make-A-Wish Foundation, River View Center, and more, by selling artwork.

“Arsh has been an inspiring so many people,” Divya, his mother, tells Smiley News. “We have lots of stories where people had an interest in art and then never pursued it but now they have started doing it again to support someone. A lot of people are inspired to do good, kind deeds.” 

In 2022, he received The Diana Award, named after the late Princess, for using his talent to support charities and teaching others to paint as a means of healing. 

Now Arsh is collaborating with the artist Ehsan, who also creates art to support charities.

Originally from Sweden but resides in California, Ehsan is best known for his 'Vision of Unity'. The artwork took him 20 years to create from 2000 double-sided, large paintings which when assembled turn into a 17-story tall monolith. Portraying a dove, it is designed to inspire global peace. 

The two artists are working together on a new piece, called 'Rays of Love' which they will auction on Charity Buzz. 100% of the funds raised from the painting will go to the St Jude Research Hospital.

“I was incredibly moved when I learned about Arsh. He is selfless, kind, wise and a very talented artist,” said Ehsan. “People who donate to St. Jude are heroes and if I can be a small part of that with a young artist that has already done so much, that is remarkable.”

The painting they’re working on together symbolizes both artists’ passion to help others through visual arts.

Arsh continues to build on his art and charitable work, and we at Smiley Movement are excited to see that. 

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