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The 4 sustainable TikTokers you need on your feed

Words by Abi Scaife

With platforms like TikTok comes the opportunity to spread the word about issues you’re passionate about - whether that’s the D&D miniatures, the latest dance trend, or Taylor Swift fan theories.

For these TikTokers, the issue is sustainability - and they’re determined to make a difference with their channels. Racking up an incredible 145,000 followers and nearly 7 million likes between them on TikTok alone, their videos have reached thousands of people worldwide.

So if you’re looking to get more sustainable, want to upgrade your eco-friendly lifestyle, or to take the plunge on going zero-waste - here are the channels you need to follow, plus their advice on what small actions make an impact.


Gittemarie Johansen, known as Gittemary on TikTok, posts primarily about how she lives sustainably in her home of Aalborg, Denmark. A vegan, who has adopted zero-waste living, her profile has eco-tips abound - and delicious recipes to make that transition easier, for all those omnivores out there.

“Start by using what you already have, buy less things, consume less, overall," she says. "Reduce single-use disposables and gradually find reusable alternatives, they don't have to be fancy or expensive, often you already own swaps you can use.

"Whenever you need something, see if you can find it secondhand or pre-loved before buying it from new, check Facebook Marketplace or secondhand shops in real life. Repair rather than replace, and take good care of the things you already own.”

One thing Gittemarie recommends is finding like-minded people around you, who can support you in your journey.

“Find people that are equally interested and passionate about sustainability. It has been nothing short of essential for me to have people that I can share ideas with and that I can learn from as well, community is what keeps these movements going. “


Emma Dendler, aka The Simple Environmentalist, focuses on providing people with tips to help them be not only as eco-friendly and sustainable as they can possibly be, but also do it on a shoestring. There’s no reason saving the planet should cost the earth, she believes.

“The focus of my social platforms is to inspire people to make eco changes that save them money and/or time and don't actually require them to change their whole life,” says Emma. “I think there is a stigma that going zero waste is hard, expensive, and you have to flip your life in a full 180. You don't.”

Because sustainable alternatives are often more expensive, it often seems as though sustainability is something only people with a larger income can practice. On The Simple Environmentalist, Emma shows that this isn’t the case at all.

“Do what you can,” says Emma. “Everyone has different needs and abilities so focus on what YOU can do today. Some big things are composting, swapping some of your meat or legumes or tofu, using reusable water bottles and reusable bags, and voting! Get out and vote for leaders who want what is best for us and the planet.”


Delilah Isabel is known on TikTok for her eco-friendly fashion and travel tips - and for showing that you can save the planet and invest in the things you’re most passionate about.

For Delilah, her journey into sustainability started at college when she watched The True Cost, a documentary about the truth behind the fashion industry and how detrimental it can be for the planet, and for the people involved.

“Making small shifts is something to be celebrated and applauded; that could even be buying a bit less [or] buying more intentionally," explains Delilah, though she herself went ‘cold turkey’ from fast fashion. “It's not about perfection; you can drive yourself crazy if you're travelling and you feel guilty for every single thing you do. So it's just about doing the best you can and then a little bit better each time.”

Since then Delilah has spent her time spreading the word about her eco-friendly lifestyle on social media, and even to her real-life friends and family. “Don't underestimate the power and influence of how powerful it is to get the gears going with talking with friends and family … just putting it out there. So conversations [are] important just to kind of get the gears going.”


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Skylar, known on TikTok as Skysaba, is the founder of Happy Earth Habits. On TikTok, she shares all the eco tips and tricks you could ever need. On her website, Happy Earth Habits, she tells you all about how to keep Mama Earth happy from sustainable recipes to reviews of ‘eco-friendly’ products where you can see just how sustainable they really are.

“My go-to tip to get into being more eco-friendly is to start one swap at a time, in one area of your house,” says Skylar. “Pick a room and start there, once that room is complete then move to the next.”

Skylar has cultivated a huge following of people who care about the environment and save the planet across all of her platforms. Not only does she encourage people to be more sustainable, but she also encourages people to have fun with it, and nurture themselves, as well as Mama Earth.

“Get creative! Being eco-friendly doesn't have to mean spending money on swap after swap. There are so many creative and fun DIYs and ways to reuse your stuff and I think that it’s a great way to jump into sustainability. Also, my fave swap is bars. Literally anything in bar form. Shampoo, conditioner, soap, shaving cream, dish soap, laundry detergent, stain remover… you name it if it's in bar form I love it.”

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