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The aura expert that paints for charity

Words by Abi Scaife

Known as the Aura Expert, Richart Llover is on a mission to raise as much money for charities as possible.

After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, Richart spent six weeks in Basingstoke Hospital. Now given six months to three years to live, he's decided to use that time to give back - turning his talent into a way to raise funds for charity.

Richart has raised £1,025 for the Ark Cancer Centre Charity in return for donating a large-scale Aura Shining painting to hang on the wall in the chemotherapy area of the Rainbow Ward at Basingstoke Hospital. He has also raised a further £175 for Prostate Cancer UK by selling his paintings through online auctions.

“I was looking for cancer charities that promoted specific things,” says Richart, of the inspiration behind his fundraising. “The Ark Cancer Charity is local and promotes complementary therapies, such as counselling support, reflexology, scar tissue massage, aromatherapy, acupuncture, guidance and art therapy, which is what I do.

"And then with Prostate Cancer UK, I wanted to create more awareness in men about prostate cancer which hardly any men in their 40s seem to know about.”

Since 2010, Richart has been helping others using art therapy for others, encouraging them to process complex thoughts and feelings through art. When he received his devastating diagnosis, he used the methods he once taught to others on himself, helping him to process his own feelings.

Richart uses these art pieces not just as a way to explore his emotions, but also as a way to discover more about himself and his aura - how it is affected by his terminal diagnosis, and how he feels.

Though not many people may know about auras, or what makes them so important to others, they are a huge part of Richart’s life.

“Aura painting is a very simple way to remind people they have an aura, and through your aura manifests your life,” says Richard. “You need to think of your aura in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. Your vibe attracts more of your same energy into your life, so you attract what you are and not what you want. Simply put, you need to clean your vibe of negative energy first and then you can start attracting good energy into your life.”

Giving back to the community, and the world as a whole, is clearly close to Richart’s heart - and he's keen to encourage others to do the same. Since 2010, he has been on a spiritual journey, discovering and learning more about himself, reality and the world.

“Volunteering your time means you are not focused on making money,” says Richart. “Instead your focus is on enjoying the moment and sharing your good energy with people. You'll also discover so much about yourself and get to know who you really are. I would encourage everyone to do some volunteer work for charities.

“I feel that doing fundraising work is the most natural work as it really helps to connect with your heart and soul, and that of others.”

If you’re interested in helping Richart support his chosen cancer charities, you can do so by purchasing an Aura Painting on Richart’s website, or you can have a private Aura Painting done online. All funds go directly to the charities.

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