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The bakery that gives back

Words by Abi Scaife

This bakery in Newcastle is giving back to its community in the best way!

Tell me more.

Big River Bakery, based in Shieldfiled, Newcastle, is a social enterprise that aims to help as many people as possible by providing them with food. From loaves to scones, cakes to croissants, and even the ‘stottie’, a local delicacy, Big River Bakery provides it all.

Committed to making food as affordable as possible, particularly during the current cost of living crisis, Big River Bakery even has designated ‘pay what you can afford’ days.

Who do they support?

The answer to that is - everyone! The whole community is welcome at Big River Bakery, which holds a variety of classes and gatherings including bread-making workshops and period poverty awareness classes.

Most recently, Big River Bakery has started providing Breakfast Bags for children, to ensure that they never have to go without the most important meal of the day. The breakfast bags include muffins or croissants as well as fruit, juice and yoghurts.

How can we support Big River Bakery?

To support Big River Bakery, please consider donating to their fundraiser which can be found here, and look out for some of those excellent goodies they offer as rewards too! We’re particularly fond of their Scottie the Stottie soft toy - what a cutie!

This article aligns with the UN SDG Good Health and Wellbeing, No Poverty, Partnerships for the Goals.

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