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The college helping homeless cats on campus

Words by Tess Becker

They say a man’s best friend is a dog – but a close second is our furry feline friends, cats.

The animal, known for knocking over water glasses and causing general mischief in the household, is a staple of American homes and families. But sometimes they escape, are neglected, or abandoned, and they find themselves in the wild ending up sick, hungry or feral.

An ongoing program at the California Polytechnic State University has been working to address this and give these cats a chance. 

Introducing: Cats on Campus

The program to help homeless cats began in 1992 as a senior project designed to solve the rising population of feral cats on campus. It was initially concerning, trapping and then euthanizing feral cats but that was quickly scrapped in order to promote a more humane approach.

This work eventually led to what today is a cat sanctuary with the goal of rehabilitating cats and resocializing them while providing them a safe space from the wild. 

“We take in many scared, elderly, special needs, and shy cats that other shelters deem unadoptable,” they say.

“Our dedicated volunteers work with these wonderful cats to socialize them, relieve their stress, provide a safe and comforting environment, and help them adjust to new situations, resulting in a more adoptable pet.”

The program is fully non-profit and runs on donations, so consider donating to help keep the program running.

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