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The FA goes green by rewilding footie

Words by Abi Scaife

We're back with a new list of businesses that are each doing something fantastic for people or the planet! This week we have football, we have pubs - and we even have aviation.

If you work for, or know of, a business that is doing something good, send an email to [email protected].


The Shire Collection, which runs a group of bars in Shrewsbury, is tackling drinks spiking, one pub at a time. They will be offering free testing strips to customers who believe their drink may have been spiked. The tests will be able to identify ketamine and GHB.

Additionally, customers can use an app to log the incidents and hopefully end drink spiking in the area once and for all.


The FA have announced their ‘Playing for the Future’ campaign, a five-year-long strategy to help make football more sustainable. Part of this involves rewilding grassroots pitches around the UK, allowing the area around the pitch to go back to nature and become a better home for local wildlife. 

They are also aiming to achieve net zero status by 2040 and reduce water consumption 30% by 2028.


In a bid to make their services more eco-friendly, and to reduce carbon emissions, Japan Airlines are encouraging their passengers to pack less luggage for their holidays. They are doing this by, amazingly, offering pre-loved clothes to rent!

Passengers are able to rent up to nine items for around £37, for two weeks. 

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