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The Fashion Brand Giving Back to Breast Cancer Charity

Words by Harrison Read

🎀✨ Embracing Courage and Compassion 🎀✨ 

In 2014, Claire Rodrigues Lee faced a life-altering revelation: a positive test for the BRCA 2 gene mutation, signalling a heightened risk of developing breast cancer. For six years, she carried this weight in silence until her preventative surgery in 2022 prompted her to share her journey with those closest to her. 

Throughout her transformative experience, Claire found support from the incredible team at Future Dreams Breast Cancer Charity, a beacon of hope in the realm of breast cancer awareness. They not only provided guidance but also empowered her to find a positive mindset that fuelled a newfound passion project—a powerful means for her to give back. 

You can support Claire and Future Dreams by buying a Pink Love Eye Bracelet from Neon Army. 50% of all profits of the sale goes to future dreams! 


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