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The first problem-solving swimwear brand

Words by Tess Becker

Many fashion brands out there are, sadly, known for their environmental impact and less than impeccable quality.

But some are pushing back against those market trends and aiming to become fashion brands that actually stand for a cause. One such brand is Swiminista.

The bathing suit brand is founded by Andréa Bernholtz. Swiminista was her push into an untapped niche, with the goal of creating something sustainable but also fashionable.

“When I grew up I thought we were poor because my mother would make us recycle newspapers and bottles – we'd load up the station wagon and drive them out into the big recycling centers,” Andréa tells Smiley News. “I didn't understand that it was for the ecology of the world."

Andréa wanted to put sustainability at the forefront she started Swiminsta. “It just seemed to make sense for me if we're all about the ocean, and I've lived at the ocean my whole life, and we need to protect it," she says.

The brand tries to use as much recycled material as possible for their fabrics, and when not possible, they aim to be as ethically sourced. To cut down on emissions from shipping, Swiminsta is also fully made in the US.

None of their products or packaging use plastic, and they try to reuse cardboard boxes as much as possible, even reusing boxes with noticeable branding on them.

The brand isn’t limited to sustainability work though, as Andréa has made it a point to help other charities and causes even offering places to donate to on the store page. They support initiatives, too – like a program they did for breast cancer awareness month.

“I think it's really important to always have an initiative,” Andréa says. “When you go to checkout, you can round up to different charities. So every several months we change them out and I choose charities that are near and dear to me and what the brand is all about.

“We donate to beach clean up Ocean Conservancy types of projects. I usually give about three different options of places to donate."

As the business expands Andréa just wants to support more clean-up projects and sustainability projects, trying to make a difference through her brand.

“I think like the biggest thing that sets us apart is like we're the world's first problem-solving swimwear brand,” adds Andréa.

This article aligns with the UN SDG Responsible Consumption and Production.

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