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Canesten launches awareness project

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Intimate health company Canesten has launched a new website ‘Truth Undressed’, to help educate people on female reproductive health.

Canesten is most well known for selling products such as clotrimazole, which helps to treat thrush, a common yeast infection. Thrush is most commonly associated with the female body but also affects men.

The Truth Undressed is aimed at people of all genders, as well as school teachers and health practitioners to help inform, educate and debunk myths surrounding the vulva and vagina. 

“Our mission is to free people from the shame and discomfort of intimate conditions - because we believe that nothing should stop you from living your life as you want it, comfortably and confidently.” states the Truth Undressed website, in their about section.

A third of both women and men did not know what the clitoris was, according to Victoria Waldersee, a data journalist. Victoria also found that 59% of men could not accurately label where the vagina is located, along with other similar statistics which show how the narrative on vulvas and vaginas remains incomplete.

The website covers topics such as pH and flora, smell, discharge, pubic hair, and even porn. The aim of the project is to enable people to understand and discuss vulvas and vaginas without shame or stigma, and to enable people to have productive conversations with their healthcare practitioners.

With lesson plans for teachers, and even an anatomy gallery, the website provides a wealth of information about a topic which has been stigmatised for far too long.

DONATE: Give to Bloody Good Period, a charity which helps to deliver period products to those in need, as well as educate young people about periods.

GET INVOLVED: Get stuck in with Freedom 4 Girls, a charity which helps to fight period poverty in the UK.


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