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This 'alternative workforce' aims to do social good this winter

Words by Amy Packham

They say collective action makes a real difference – and we couldn't agree more. Which is why one Brighton-based social impact business is swooping in to make that a reality.

The Social Society has launched a new campaign, alongside branding agency Each To Their Own, 'Unleashing your workforce superheroes', with the aim of bringing in businesses across the UK to use the skills of their employees to support, charities, and communities in need.

Founder Toni Finnimore says she is recruiting an "alternative workforce" to support communities affected by the cost of living crisis. Communities need long-term support, rather than just one-offs now more than ever, says Toni.

So, how do you sign up?

The Social Society is taking applications from organisations around the UK for their employees to become part of a nationwide team plugging gaping holes in government support.

This alternative to CSR models matches the skills of employees with charities and community groups doing the work that matters most in our crisis-stricken society.

"Unfortunately the crisis has been looming for some time," says Toni Finnimore. "Charities have been plugging the gaps in communities where governments should have been offering support for years.

"It's time to take the reins and create independent ways of giving back. By using already skilled employees from businesses nationwide, we are able to address issues affecting communities in a way that is responsive to their needs in real-time.

"We need to connect with the people in our communities now more than ever; human connection and kindness should be at the heart of all we do.”

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The Social Society is a 'social club for social good’, which started as a meet-up group in 2015, running social events to connect local people and support local charities and communities.

In 2018, it began formally connecting people and businesses with charities that need help. It has also hosted a number of unique live and in-person events from acoustic music, pop-ups and festivals to charity events and supper clubs.

Find out more about how to become part of The Social Society here:

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