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This charity telephone box is for the grieving

Words by Abi Scaife

Sue Ryder is encouraging people to ‘Be Honest’ about their emotions surrounding grief.

Tell me more.

Sue Ryder, a charity that helps people with bereavement, among other things, has launched a new campaign to get people talking more frankly about their grief.

The campaign urges people ‘To Be Honest’ and share their true emotions associated with grief, without judgement. 

How does it work?

A telephone box for people who are grieving was launched at The Deck on Brighton Seafront this morning, to mark the start of Sue Ryder’s new campaign.

The telephone box – which will be open to the public from 22nd-23rd March – has been designed for those who have lost someone to share how they really feel.

New research from Sue Ryder shows that 74% of bereaved people say that their emotions around grief make them feel guilty on a weekly basis, while 69% of people have been scared or embarrassed to talk about their emotions whilst grieving.

It is hoped that the campaign will help people feel less embarrassed about their feelings of grief, and open up new conversations about bereavement.

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