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This Formula E racing car is built entirely from scrap electronics

Words by Blyth Brentnall

A design studio has built a Formula E racing car entirely from electronic waste.

Amazing! What’s the aim?

This extraordinary car aims to raise awareness of the importance of tackling e-waste. 

The design studio, Lazerian, built it using all kinds of materials that would otherwise have gone to landfill, donated by pupils from Manchester schools. 

It repurposes smartphones, laptops, tablets and even a Nintendo Wii controller which is used as the driving console.

“The message I want to send to people is to take some more thought and consideration over the things that we use on a day to day basis to highlight the problem that we’re in,” said its designer, Liam Hopkins. “We can recycle, reuse and make other things from them rather than just throw them away.”

The project, called Recover E (get it?), was commissioned by the British team, Envision Racing. The vehicle recreates their Gen3 vehicle, which the team describes as “the fastest, lightest, most powerful, and most efficient electric racing machines ever built.”

Charity check-in 

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