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This legendary bird is returning to Kent

Words by Blyth Brentnall

Two hundred years ago, choughs (pronounced chuffs) vanished from Kent due to habitat loss and persecution. But now this legendary bird is returning, thanks to habitat restoration efforts by Kent Wildlife Trust.

That’s great! But what’s a chough?

Choughs are black feathered birds that are part of the corvid family, alongside crows and ravens. They feature prominently in Gaelic and Celtic myths, legends and historic events. 

King Arthur’s soul is said to have departed from this world in the form of a chough; its red bill and feet signifying his bloody end. They are embedded in Kent’s history, featuring on the local coat of arms. 

Their cultural significance is spread about the country, with the bird also featuring on the Cornish coat of arms as well as that of the historic archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket.

How did their habitat recover?

Over four decades, Kent Wildlife Trust worked alongside others, including the National Trust and White Cliffs Countryside partnership. They restored the chough’s chalk grassland habitat and reintroduced conservation grazing management across East Kent.

Meanwhile, the charities’ chough breeding programme supported breeding pairs and creche-reared chicks in a top secret location to ensure they were protected. After a health screening by the International Zoo Veterinary Group, the choughs have been released into the wild.

Find out more and support the chough reintroduction programme here.

Charity check-in 

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