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This organization helps young girls get dresses for school dances

Words by Tess Becker

School dances like homecoming and prom are some of the most significant moments in young kids’ lives, but not every kid gets to live the dance of their dreams.

Unless you get creative or find a hand-me-down, prom dresses can run a few hundred dollars, a figure that’s unattainable for many families in the US, so Believe in Yourself helps provide them to underprivileged girls.

The organization goes into community centers, after-school programs, and low-income housing centers and provides designer dresses for the girls. 

“At the same time, we promote positive body image through mentoring and speakers,” they write on their website.

The program was founded by Sam Sisakhti, who also founded UsTrendy. They just want to help young, underprivileged women and girls have the opportunity to be happy with themselves.

“Many teen girls are up against unobtainable social standards placed upon them-which are not just unhealthy, but often times unaffordable,” they write.

“In an effort to close this gap, The Believe In Yourself Project is dedicated to the gainful advancement and empowerment of young women with a gift of confidence.”

Find out how you can support the project on their website.

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