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How to raise funds for hygiene poverty

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The non-profit Toiletries Amnesty has come up with a unique fundraising campaign to help them in their mission to fight hygiene poverty.

Toiletries Amnesty, a nonprofit that accepts donations of toiletries including sanitary products, sold a collection of bracelets made by Feathers Futures, which brings women together into a connected community group, providing a safe, non-judgemental environment. 

In an effort to give back to and reduce waste while they do it, some of the ladies who have benefitted from the charity and Toiletries Amnesty came together. They taught themselves how to make bracelets from old, broken pieces of jewellery, and those bracelets are now sold on the Toiletries Amnesty website. 

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Toiletries Amnesty provided equipment, training and instructions to Feathers Futures for them to use to create the bracelets during craft sessions held by the group.

“The ladies involved in making the bracelets were keen to be part of the project as they had used our toiletries bank and wanted to give something back,” said Jo Critch, founder of Feathers Futures.

“They know that many of our donations come via Toiletries Amnesty and know the difference having toiletries and sanitary products makes to their well-being. The group met up each week, none had made jewellery before, so they supported each other to create the bracelets from the recycled beads.”

Toiletries Amnesty sells these unique bracelets on their website. Proceeds made from the sale of the bracelets help them support Feathers Futures and other organisations like them with providing access to hygiene essentials for their service users.

Future collections will be made by other organisations that Toiletries Amnesty supports.

Inspired to act?

DONATE: To donate to the Broken Jewellery Project, items should be sent to the address listed on

SUPPORT: Visit the shop on the Toiletries Amnesty website to buy bracelets and find out how to donate broken jewellery.


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