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Top 5 positive stories for Plastic Free July

Words by Tess Becker

Plastic pollution has been a problem for nearly as long as we’ve been using plastic and it's just about everywhere you could think, from landfills and cities to the ocean, and even our own bloodstream

To address this, people around the world are taking part in Plastic Free July, urging everyone to use as little plastic as possible throughout the month. 

With that in mind, here are five stories that best encapsulate Plastic Free July as a positive step for the planet.

New Zealand bans many single-use plastics

Recently, New Zealand decided to ban or limit many everyday single-use plastics, primarily the thin filmy grocery bag in most produce sections. They’re the first country to do as such.

“New Zealand produces too much waste, too much plastic waste,” said New Zealand’s associate environment minister Rachel Brooking.

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Celebrities are teaming up with a climate activist to end plastic pollution

Award-winning actor Tamsin Greig and David Gyasi, star of Netflix’s current hit series The Diplomat, alongside environmental campaigner Laura Young, aka Less Waste Laura are joining the charity Tearfund in encouraging people to cut down on their plastic waste this July.

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Chinese scientists have discovered an edible plastic substitute

Still in the process of upscaling the product, scientists at the Chinese University of Hong Kong have discovered a way to make food packaging out of an edible and digestible material using soy proteins and bacterial cellulose. 

“This research serves as a reminder that natural raw materials may already possess the necessary characteristics to perform beyond the functions of plastic packaging,” Professor To Ngai said.

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Turning plastic waste into positive messages

Washed Up Cards is all about removing plastic from our rivers, oceans, and beaches, and turning it into something positive. 

“Each little card has its own story,” explains the founder, Flora Blathwayt. “It’s changed as I’ve grown the business, but in those early days it was more [about] connecting with someone. The post is a lovely way to connect with people and stay in touch.”

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An upcycled clothing company collects 30m pounds of plastic from the ocean

The company, 4ocean, known for its upcycled clothing made out of plastic, has been working hard to clear the seas of plastic waste, pulling over 30m pounds out of the ocean. 

“When they say a small group of dedicated people can change the world, believe them,” said Alex Schulze, 4ocean’s CEO and Co-Founder. 

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This article aligns with the UN SDG Climate Action.

This article aligns with the following UN SDGs

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