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Trans+ Pride Parade is back for 2023

Words by Tess Becker

Trans Pride is set to return to London, something that comes amid a wave of anti-trans sentiment in the US and the UK. Even though not all the exposure is good, it's still bringing eyes to a growing human rights issue around the world, and Trans+ Pride 2023 in London is projected to have double the attendees than it did last year.

The volunteer-driven nonprofit is celebrating its fifth anniversary during the event which is slated to be a protest of the treatment of trans people in the UK and abroad.

“A lot of us are calling for absolute revolution and anarchy, but there’s also equally valid as hell trans people who just want to sit down with a cup of tea,” Activist and London Trans+ Pride co-volunteer Em Williams told PinkNews. “We are angry, we are furious, we are protesting, the march is a protest through and through, and there’s nothing corporate about it.”

Since 2018, the group has had annual marches that reach up to 30,000 attendees, and this march will have a specific focus on accessibility for disabled trans activists and volunteers.

The focus of marches like Trans+ Pride is to raise awareness and drum up support for the growing anti-trans rhetoric among hate groups and some government members and to reestablish the history of Pride as a protest where people stand up and fight for their rights. 

“You are valid as all hell and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,” Williams said. “I hope that you can be galvanised by these images on social media or what have you. I know that when I can’t get out on a day because, you know, my fatigue or various illnesses, that watching these things on Instagram does give me those dopamine hits and it gives me a hell of a lot of hope”

If you want to support Trans+ Pride you can donate to their GoFundMe as well as check out a few of their links and resources.

Be safe everyone and remember, you are valid!

Charity check-in

At Smiley Movement, we like to elevate the work of charities across the world. Here are three charities whose causes align with the themes in this article.

GLAAD. GLAAD is a massive LGBTQ+ advocacy group that helps fight for queer people across the US. Consider donating

The Trevor Project. They focus on suicide prevention and mental health support for queer youth. Support them here
Lambda Legal. This organization helps fight in the courtroom for queer people. Find out more.

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