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Two endangered wolf pups born at North Carolina Zoo

Words by Tess Becker

As climate change, habitat loss and pollution worsen, we’re seeing more and more plants and animals lost to history. According to researchers, we are amid the sixth mass extinction event in the history of the Earth. 

So it’s good news to hear that the critically endangered red wolf just had a spark of hope as two pups were born at North Carolina Zoo.

According to the Federal Wildlife Service, there are an estimated 23-25 red wolves left in the wild, and only around 280 in captivity. 

“We are thrilled to announce that we have had not one but TWO litters of critically endangered red wolf pups born at the North Carolina Zoo!” zookeepers at the North Carolina Zoo wrote. 

The Federal Wildlife Service is making a concerted effort to protect the red wolf, providing $771,000 in grants for the construction of additional red wolf enclosures. To date, 30 new enclosures have been built or funded.

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