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UK invests in Nigeria's clean energy future

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The UK government has announced plans to invest in Nigeria’s clean energy sector and expand low-carbon energy projects that are already underway in the country.

Green energy projects across the African nation such as the installation of solar mini grids will be developed by a £10 million investment from the UK.

The plans are part of the government’s ‘Clean Green Initiative’ launched at COP26 in November 2021 in Glasgow.

One of the commitments made by the UK at the climate conference was to help developing countries take advantage of green technology and grow their economies sustainably.

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The Clean Green Initiative is a key part of the G7 Build Back Better World initiative and aims to help countries bridge their infrastructure gap, while supporting climate change and sustainability goals.

“No country should be left behind in the race to save our planet”, said Prime Minister Boris Johnson in November 2021. 

“The climate has often been a silent victim of economic growth and progress – but the opposite should now be true. Through the Clean Green Initiative, we can help to build back better and greener from the pandemic and put the world on the path to a more sustainable future.”

Currently the energy demand in Nigeria vastly outweighs the supply which means its 200 million citizens go without power, or use generators which are damaging to the environment and expensive to run.

With the help of British investment, Nigeria will be able to produce 250-500 megawatts of renewable energy capacity and transition into a clean energy future.

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Minister for Africa Vicky Ford announced the financial support during her first trip to the country at the end of February 2022. 

“The UK is committed to increasing both renewable energy and energy access in Nigeria, driving clean, sustainable and resilient growth,” said the minister.

An extra £74 million for female-owned businesses and enterprises in Nigeria was also announced during Minister Ford’s visit.

“When smaller businesses and women entrepreneurs are economically empowered, their whole community benefits. That is why the UK is providing new support with our African partners to help businesses access finance to scale up their operations.”

Inspired to act?

LEARN MORE: Find out more about the UK government’s commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals.

SUPPORT: Support Renewable World, a charity tackling poverty through renewable energy. 

Photo by Appolinary Kalashnikova on Unsplash

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