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Nonprofit resettling refugees in Ohio

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The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war is causing a refugee crisis in Europe unlike any we’ve seen since World War II.

Over 4 million people have fled Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict and another 6 million have been displaced internally. While many are expected to remain in countries surrounding Ukraine, the US announced on March 25 that they plan to accept 100,000 Ukrainian refugees with the option for more in the future. 

“While we expect many Ukrainians will choose to remain in Europe close to family and their homes in Ukraine, today, the United States is announcing plans to welcome up to 100,000 Ukrainians and others fleeing Russia’s aggression through the full range of legal pathways, including the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program,” the Whitehouse released in a statement.

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For the refugees that do come, there are organizations like US Together to help them get on their feet. Based out of Ohio and operating in Toledo, Columbus, and Cleveland, the organization got its start in 2003, founded by migrants, to help migrants and refugees in Ohio. 

“Our agency began resettling diverse refugee populations in 2005, including individuals from the former Soviet Union, Iran, Iraq, Burma, Bhutan, Eritrea, Somalia, Congo, Sudan, Burundi, and Rwanda in Columbus,” says US Together. 

Since then they’ve opened two more offices and have expanded their resettlement programs to many countries around the globe, They were even given a $50,000 grant from the Hollister Confidence Project for their work in helping teens resettle and manage their mental health. This will primarily be going to Afghan refugees fleeing Taliban rule. 

“US Together is beyond grateful for the dedication and support of the Hollister Confidence Project," ssaid Ron Hedrick, Director of US Together Cleveland office.

"Over the past several months, Us Together-Cleveland has not only been tasked with rebuilding its local resettlement network to ensure capacity for the anticipated increase in refugee arrival numbers but to also navigate the immediate Afghan emergency response initiative taking place now in Cleveland, OH."

As the Ukraine crisis has developed, US Together has expanded their resources and even has a page dedicated to frequently asked questions about Ukrainian refugees. 

Inspired to act?

DONATE: You can donate to US Together directly to help them with their work on their website.

SUPPORT REFUGEES: If you want to see what you can do to help Ukrainian refugees you can check out US Together’s FAQs.


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