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Using cricket to help children thrive

Words by Abi Scaife

A charity is helping to champion diversity and education through cricket.

What’s the story?

Chance to Shine is a cricket charity that has reached over six million young people since its foundation in 2005. 

They work in state schools and communities to help young people to play, learn and develop through cricket - especially those from communities where kids struggle to access the game.

Tell me more!

Chance to Shine hosting their national Street cricket finals this week. The national finals are the culmination of a UK wide competition between their 270 projects, with sections for Youth (8-16), Young Adults (16-24) and Girls.

Street is a fast, furious format of the game played with a tennis ball wrapped in electrical tape. Matches last just 20 balls per innings and are played in smaller, confined spaces with just six players per side.

They’re currently looking for people to support them across the country!

To learn more about Chance to Shine and support them, visit their website.

Charity check-in 

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