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Viral cat shares feline fame with charities in Smiley News series

Words by Blyth Brentnall

Sigrid is a remarkable cat who rode (literally) to fame, when her owner, Travis, started taking her on bike rides. Unlike other cats, Sigrid loves getting out and about on the bike. Travis filmed their adventures and the cat-owner duo quickly went viral before publishing their own book

Internet attention is easy enough for cats to gain. But it’s less available to organisations doing vital charitable work. So, to share Sigrid’s fame with those who need it more, the series, Travis & Sigrid’s Charity Rides, unites the cat with charities. 

In each episode, a charity ambassador joins the cat and her human for a pivotal cycle ride in which they chat about the importance of charity work. 

From a famous cricketer who delivers food to Londoners in need, to a supermodel promoting mental wellbeing, they meet a great variety of charity ambassadors to talk about their work.

The series kicks off on International Day of Charity, Tuesday 5th September, featuring an incredible food distribution charity. Food is essential to human survival and many people are struggling to access this necessity. Watch the first episode to learn how you can take action against hunger.

In later episodes, the guests share insights into a radical cycling campaign, an organisation for children with disabilities and charities improving health and wellbeing. 

In line with Smiley News’ mission to promote the UN goals, the series sheds light on important work to promote good health and wellbeing, sustainable cities and communities and reduced inequalities. 

Riding in her basket at the front of the bike, Sigrid admires the view. She enjoys much petting and draws in the attention that charities so desperately need, particularly in light of recent societal issues. 

Covid-19 dealt a difficult blow to charities, with 90% saying they experienced negative impacts of the pandemic, 60% saying they lost income and a third saying they lost volunteers. 

When the cost of living crisis hit, nine in ten charities became worried about an increase in demand for their services alongside falling donations and rising energy bills. 

So to offer charities well-needed support, we’re excited to launch a series that draws charities into the spotlight of an internet sensation, the much-loved Sigrid accompanied by her socially-conscious owner, Travis.

Watch out for the episodes, coming out every Tuesday at 12pm from 5th September to 10th October.

Click here to watch Episode 1 featuring The Felix Project & Monty Panesar.

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