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Volunteer letter writers spread festive cheer

Words by Amy Packham

Writing a letter or card to someone you don’t know might sound like an unusual concept – but it's one that really does spread cheer far and wide.

That's why Give…A Few Words – a Huddersfield-born nonprofit organisation – wants to encourage volunteers to sign up.

“We post letters out all year round but Christmas can be a really difficult time for many," says founder Sharron Wilkinson.

“Whilst many people are enjoying the festivities, others are
spending it alone or having a difficult time. Our letters go out to anyone who needs a bit of cheer."

Sharron set up Give…A Few Words in 2020 as a result of the pandemic, knowing local care home residents were unable to see their family and friends.

Now, she sends not just the gift of letters to organisations, but also runs pop-up positive events in the community – all with a view of bringing people together and improving social connections.

Letters for Christmas

The 'Letters for Christmas' campaign is now in its third year. "We have hundreds of volunteers busy writing personalised and general letters, cards, drawings, for many others in care homes, charities or for people alone (or who need a bit of cheer) across our community," says Sharron.

“Our volunteers are amazing. They are compassionate, kind and
genuinely lovely people who go out of their way to help others.

"They write about all sorts of things, such as theatre, astronomy, outdoors, history, sport, animals, films, art, knitting, musicals.

"People who receive our letters are astounded that a stranger has taken time out of their busy lives to write to them."

Want to become a volunteer letter writer?

You don't need fancy stationery – you can write on anything or, if preferable, email your letter though and Give... A Few Words will print it.

Last year, one person receiving a letter at Christmas told the organisation: "The letters made my year, I don't see many people over the festive period, so knowing other people had gone out of their way to write to a stranger, meant so much."

Sharron adds: “We need as many people as possible to pen a few
words or draw a picture to spread some much needed smiles this Christmas."

If you're interested, visit and they'll send you a name of someone who needs a letter – or you can pop a general message or card to their Po Box or by email [email protected].

The deadline for letters, cards or emails to be posted back is
Wednesday 7th December to allow enough time to check everything before their post heads out.

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