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What if companies helped their employees do good?

Words by Tess Becker

Making a difference is a joint effort. No one person can change the world without help – and some companies are working to facilitate that help.

We’re seeing this in companies like Bitchin’ Sauce which provides days off to its employees to go and volunteer, or in Inspirant Group and their annual Inspirant Cares event. The event specifically brought underprivileged Chicago kids out and helped teach them about the ins and outs of business and consulting.

“The coaches came from Inspirant Group, and we helped the kids put together a business pitch,” Erin Mohideen, the People and Culture Lead at Inspirant Group tells Smiley News.

“So they would say, ‘Alright, you guys need more testimonials,’ ‘here's what I think you should do based on what you're telling me about your company based on the success you've had doing X, Y, and Z,’ and then those students themselves presented to a panel of judges and the team with the strongest pitch, win.”

Inspirant Group has also partnered with local organizations like Erie House which helps home children in need. They even took a day to focus on Earth Day and the planet.

“We're a remote-first company so we don't go to an office every day but we all took a morning and walked around our neighborhoods and picked up trash,” Erin says. “So there's lots of different things that just kind of depends on the opportunities that we see, based on the people that we're meeting and the things we want to do.”

This article aligns with the UN SDG Partnerships for the Goals.

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