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Why Is Activism An Important Part Of The LGBTQ+ Community?

Words by Abi Scaife

Speak Up! by Smiley Movement is a series of roundtable discussions where we tackle some of the big issues in our world – and focus on the solutions. 

We gather experts and people who are striving to make a difference to give them an opportunity to speak up and share their story. Watch the full 45-minute discussion here:    • Speak Up, Episode 3: LGBTQ+: Fighting...   

In our third episode, we gathered experts to help us discuss why and how people within the LGBTQ+ community are so passionate about social activism. 

Hear from: Yasmin Benoit, Asexual activist and Stonewall ambassador 

Lip Wieckowski, Centre Manager, London LGBTQ+ Centre 

Zarith, an ambassador for Rainbow Migration 

Stephanie Fuller, CEO, Switchboard - National LGBTQ+ Helpline 

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