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You could soon exchange your plastic bottles for money

Words by Abi Scaife

A deposit return scheme will be launched in England, Wales and Northern Ireland by 2025.

Alright, what’s a deposit return scheme?

In this case, the deposit return scheme is an effort to make sure that fewer drinks bottles are discarded as litter. 

Small cash deposits will be placed on single-use drinks containers (plastic bottles), which you can get back when you return them.

How will it work?

In essence, you’re renting a plastic bottle as a container for your drink (yes, it sounds a little bizarre when you put it like that).

When you’re done with your drink, rather than littering or throwing it away, you can return your plastic bottle via a vending-style machine, and receive your deposit back.

Is it just for plastic bottles?

Currently, that’s the plan - however, in equivalent schemes in Wales and Scotland, glass bottles are also included.

There are a couple of years to go, yet, before the scheme is launched - who knows, maybe the scheme will expand to include glass here, too?

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