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5 good news stories to improve your day

Words by Amy Packham

At Smiley Movement, we share good news every day – from the people going above and beyond to support their communities, to the positive conservation efforts or policy changes happening around the world.

And we also, of course, highlight the work of charities, as these organisations work tirelessly, day in, day out, to make our world a happier and healthier place to live.

Each week, we round of some of the best stories of the week. Here's your dose of positivity to lead you into the weekend.

1. A guy in Florida has cleaned up millions of pieces of trash

Caulin Donaldson scours the beach every single morning to pick up trash he finds on the sand and near the water. He's done it for so long – while filming himself – that he's now racked up more than 1.6 million followers on TikTok.

How does he do it, why does he do it, and what impact has he made so far. Find out more.

2. A floating city will be built, hoping to combat climate change

From January 2023, work will start on building a floating city in the Maldives. The idea is to combat rising sea levels and combat climate change.

There will be 5,000 housing units, tethered to a 500-acre lagoon and the city will also have hotels, shops, and restaurants – but there won’t be any cars. Only bikes or noise-free scooters. Read more.

3. A club night lets you in if you donate to a food bank

In a bid to support local food banks – during a time where the need is higher than ever – one club night in Manchester is doing its bit.

Rich Reason launched 'Food for Thought', a club night where you donate in tinned food and toiletries to be able to get in. Food bank volunteers are on hand collecting it all on the door, too! Read the full story.

4. Bike libraries are now a thing

To give people access to greener (and cheaper) modes of transport, many states in the US are now adopting a "bike library" model. In the same way you'd borrow a book, and take it back, you can actually borrow a bike and use it for a set amount of time before returning it.

It's especially benefitting low income households. Find out more.

5. Universities make pledge in favour of the planet

100 UK-based universities have pledged to move away from fossil fuels. This means that about 65% of the UK’s higher education sector will no longer be making financial investments in fossil fuel companies. And that means fossil fuel companies will be missing out on an estimated £17.6bn going forward. Read more.


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