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Tennis star will donate prize money to Ukraine

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Ukrainian tennis champion Elina Svitolina has pledged to donate any winnings she receives for this year’s Women’s Tennis Association tournaments to humanitarian efforts in her country of origin.

Four days after Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine, Elina revealed her intention in an interview with Eurosport on Sunday. 

“I have to do something. I have to bring attention to the world and I cannot just sit and watch what is happening,” she said.

Elina maintains a strong connection to her home country with several close family members living there. These include her parents, aunt, uncle and grandmother.

To support her family and others in Ukraine, she decided to send the prize money from her upcoming tournaments in Mexico and the US.

Over the last month, she has won over $20,000, over her entire career she has won a total of $21,352,889 and in 2017 ranked 3rd in the world of women’s tennis.

The power of tennis

The 27-year-old is optimistic that the tennis community can play a vital role in spreading the word about the situation in Ukraine.

“The tennis community can help us to understand what’s happening and really help Ukrainian families who are struggling right now,” she said.

She also believes that the internet will help those suffering due to the war.

“With the power of social media, we can do so much more,” she said.

This isn’t the first time Elina has used her platform to drive positive change. Through the Elina Svitolina Foundation, she offers scholarships to encourage children to learn the values of hard work and determination.

Inspired to act?

DONATE: Support Elina Svitolina’s mission to uplift children through sport. Donate to the Elina Svitolina Foundation.

SUPPORT: To follow Elina’s example and support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, donate to the Red Cross.


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