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Aldi donating 100k books to kids this summer

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Reading isn’t only important for children’s development and education, but also as a form of escapism. Sadly, child literacy levels were already down pre-pandemic, and Covid only worsened it. 

To help more children experience the magic of reading, Aldi has announced it will donate more than 100,000 books to children across the UK ahead of the school summer holidays.

The books will be produced by Macmillan Children's Books and distributed with support from the charity Magic Breakfast, who provide free, nutritious breakfasts to children and young people at schools in disadvantaged areas to ensure no child is too hungry to learn. Additional copies will also be donated via giving platform, Neighbourly.

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To encourage customers to help all children experience the escapism that reading can bring, Aldi has commissioned an animation narrated by footballer Marcus Rashford MBE - long term advocate for child equality and best-selling children’s author. The animation, “My Reading Journey”, beautifully illustrated by Lisa Stickley, brings to life how much joy reading can bring to a child, as the viewer watches a young boy’s world come alive after being gifted a book.

Giles Hurley, Chief Executive Officer at Aldi UK and Ireland, said: “At Aldi we believe that access to books, just like quality food should be a right, not a privilege; every child deserves to experience the magic of reading.

"Not only are we donating over 100,000 books to children that need them, this campaign also aims to help raise awareness of the increasing number of children who don’t have access to their own books at home so those that are in the fortunate position to do so, have the chance to help too.”

Marcus Rashford MBE added: “I didn’t read properly until I was 17, and I don’t want that for others like me. The escapism and joy you can get from reading could have benefitted me significantly as a child. The issue was always access and representation - two areas that the Marcus Rashford Book Club focuses on. Struggling to put food on the table, there was very little money left for things like books so it’s great to see Aldi step up to address a growing need for access to books in communities just like mine."

Inspired to act?

DONATE: For more information and to donate a book to a child in need, visit the Aldi website:

Donating £5 will equate to approximately 2 books being gifted to children that need them this summer.

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