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Artists donate 100% of profits to Ukraine

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An automotive artist-led initiative has created a charitable response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

Their aim is to sell artworks from many automotive artists, via social media, where 100% of the sale is donated to the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

Auto Artists For Ukraine is the collective group name, and they've already been heartened at how many artist, photographers and illustrator peers have pledged to help out so far – such as Tim Layzell, Helen Stanley & Ella Friere.

"We’ve already raised £3,000 so far in the first two days," they say. "Over 25 artists have agreed to donate artworks, ranging from very affordable prints to larger priced items, some being auctioned. We want most works to be affordable at a set price for all to participate."

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The founders, Jonny Ambrose and Reverend Adam Gompertz, are encouraging people to share their social media posts to highlight the project. 

"We realise our initiative might only make a small contribution in the grand scheme of things, but we wanted to raise funds, and join others in uniting a love of all things automotive and to help Ukrainians fleeing the conflict," they say.

"Our chosen charity is the Red Cross who have trusted existing protocols in many countries around the world and are already working in Ukraine. This allows our contributing artists in Germany, France, Portugal to donate to their national Red Cross/ Red Crescent Charity easily, united by the same cause."

How does it work?

1. On social media, artists post their chosen artwork/ print/ sculpture which they are donating 100%. 

2. Buyer pays the artist directly

3. Artist donates 100% to the Ukraine Appeal via their national Red Cross website. Artists send the founders a screen-shot of their donation receipt, which will allow them to keep a tally of the total amount raised. 

Inspired to act?

BUY: You can buy artwork that will donate profits to the Red Cross here

DONATE: You can donate directly to the British Red Cross' Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

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