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Chocolate that's good for the planet

Words by Abi Scaife

This week, we’ve got some great businesses doing amazing things for you to check out.

From flowers and chocolate (for those of you already thinking about Valentine's Day) to sustainable shirts, there's a lot going on.


By now, we're sure people are aware of all the great things that Tony’s Chocolonely is doing in the world - but we just want to shout about it some more! Tony’s Chocolonely is on a mission to end slavery in the chocolate industry and is doing it in so many different ways - starting by committing to paying all their cocoa farmers a higher wage.

An added bonus is one of last week’s businesses has linked up with Tony’s Chocolonely - Ben and Jerry’s! Delicious. Ben and Jerry’s have joined Tony’s Open Chain, to help trace where the cocoa beans come from and provide their farmers with a good life.

To celebrate, Ben and Jerry’s have launched a new ice cream flavour, and Tony’s has announced new chocolate bars. Yum!


Family-run online florist Bunches has been giving back to the community by gifting bouquets of flowers to the staff at its local hospital, as well as donating £500 worth of essential items to a nearby food bank. 

Since its inception, Bunches has made inspiring happiness and joy a priority and  has always donated a minimum of 10% of its profits to charity. Amazing!


You might recognise Teemill from our Black Friday article - they enable people to print sustainable t-shirts for their business, and sell them online. And now their new API means it’s easier than ever to print and sell your own sustainable shirts

Teemill’s public API, sample code and demos allow people to copy-paste to connect their online store or app directly to the factory. This means that anyone on the internet is able to control a factory producing real products - making it so much easier for people to create sustainable shirts for their business.

This article aligns with the UN SDGs Responsible Consumption and Production and Partnership for the Goals.

This article aligns with the following UN SDGs

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