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600 acres of neglected land to be transformed

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As the climate shifts around us, the world is likely to experience more unpredictable weather events. Some places are taking precautions for those potential events, like the Origin Park in Indiana. 

The 600 acres of neglected land will be transformed into climate-adaptive park. It'll be situated across the Ohio River from Louisville and has three main goals in mind, climate resiliency, cultural and historical education, and positive community impact.

“It’s a forgotten landscape that will be restored so the over 1.2 million people within a twenty-minute drive can come, relax, explore and enjoy its raw beauty filled with large green fields, bike and walking paths and much more,” the park’s website reads.

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The design was based on future estimates of the Ohio River, which will hold about 30% more water than it does currently in about 50 years. To address this the Landscape Architect and President/CEO at the Olin Studio Lucinda Sanders implemented elevated walkways and ground-level walkways to mitigate flooding.

Origin Park is the first midwest park to be built with climate action in mind. 

“Origin Park is designed around the Ohio River and centers around the ‘dynamic factors’ from which the water comes,” explains Susan Rademacher, the executive director of River Heritage Conservancy. “From the standpoint of the master plan, everything about this place comes back to the water.”

The park will cost an estimated $130 million to build and will feature things like a canoe and kayak launch, offices, event centers, a canopy-covered walk, and the aforementioned pathways. 

The park doesn’t have an estimated finish date yet, but when finished it will bring an estimated 2,300 jobs to the area.

Inspired to Act?

DONATE: If you want to support Origin Park there are a couple of different options including donating.

SUPPORT: Support your local parks. If you go to one make sure you leave with at least one piece of litter. There are small ways to improve your local parks.


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