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For those who are housebound, this charity keeps pets by their side

Words by Abi Scaife

Pets are wonderful companions that can be important to us throughout our whole lives; they're our best friends and our family. But, they need a lot of attention - no matter what the animal is. 

For some people, whether they have become unwell or grown old, things like walking a dog can be incredibly difficult, but they still need the companionship of their animal.

That’s where The Cinnamon Trust comes in. Named after the founder’s beloved corgi, the charity provides animal care to people who can no longer do it themselves - for example, if they are elderly or terminally ill.

18,000 volunteers around the country help to provide these people with animal care so they don’t have to give up their pets.

For those who are housebound, their pet is often their only company - and giving them up could be devastating. The Cinnamon Trust makes sure that doesn’t happen by giving all important care to these animals - and one of the most common ways they help out is by walking dogs.

“Owners worry that they are no longer able to do the things they used, like taking their dog for lovely long walks,” explains Mandy, from The Cinnamon Trust.

“They feel as if they can no longer walk their dog, that they will need to be rehomed. We take away that stress by providing regular dog walking, to enable the owner and their treasured companion to stay together.”

Studies have shown there are amazing health benefits that come from having an animal companion, even if you aren’t able to take them outside the house. That’s why The Cinnamon Trust is so passionate about keeping owners and their pets together for as long as possible, to keep fostering that relationship.

“Having a [pet] gives an owner a purpose, companionship and unconditional love - especially when they may not see another person in days/weeks.” 


Having a pet can also decrease blood pressure and cholesterol levels, help lower stress levels and alleviate feelings of loneliness and depression. For many people who are unwell or elderly, particularly those who are housebound, it is difficult to socialise, and pets are a great source of companionship.

“It means a great deal to owners to know that they have our help,” says Mandy. “They feel supported and no longer alone in the world. Most important of all, they can keep their beloved companions with them.”

To find out more or support The Cinnamon Trust, head to their website.

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