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Like many others, the first Covid lockdown – and subsequent furlough – made Andy Marshall reevaluate what he wanted from his career.

He had been working as a creative director at a London agency, but found the time away made him question whether it was the right time to start his own business... one that gives back.

“All my life, I’d been following company’s values and not my own,” he tells Smiley News. “I’ve always cared about the planet.”

During this time, he read The Stubborn Optimist’s Guide to the Climate Crisis. “It was a lifechanger,” he says. “I read it and thought yes, something needs to change. Can I be a part of that?”

Immediately, he started making changes in his own life. He signed up to Ecologi, to plant more trees, and also switched his home habits (such as energy) to a more greener approach.

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Then, he set up Harrison Brands: a brand transformation consultancy for organisations with purpose.

His company has three pledges: 1) to be for the people and the planet, and harness the power of branding to tackle the climate crisis and promote social equality; 2) the journey to net zero, which is a commitment to tackle environmental issues, through things like carbon offsetting with; and 3) revealing the truth, ensuring brands communicate with honesty and integrity.

“I only work with companies who have similar values and are looking to enhance what their beliefs are,” he says. “I do everything I  can to help other people reduce their carbon footprint, such as brochure printed on recycled papers with water-based inks.”

Andy’s business is also on the cusp of being B-Corp certified. He’s a supporter of the Terra Carta, a member of 1% For The Planet, and part of the Good Business Charter

“Everybody has a purpose,” says Andy, “people are choosing brands based on purpose – so I want to help as many people as I possibly can achieve that.”

Andy is looking to engage with a charity that needs branding and communications – so get in touch via his website if that’s you!

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