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How beavers could reduce flood risks

Words by Abi Scaife

Beavers might be helping a Yorkshire town stay safe from flooding.

Tell me more.

Beavers, famous for their large front teeth and architectural abilities, have been introduced to a forest in Yorkshire. While beavers went extinct in the UK in the 1500s thanks to hunting, they are being reintroduced back into habitats across the country.

The town of Pickering, which is downstream from this forest, has been flooded four times in the last 25 years - which is pretty awful.

Scientists have introduced these beavers to the nearby forest in the hopes that they will use their natural engineering skills to keep man-made dams in good nick.

How will it work?

While the dams were made by humans, beavers are natural engineers that regularly build, repair and maintain their own dams to protect their homes.

It’s hoped that beavers introduced to the area will help keep these dams in good condition, and therefore protect the town of Pickering for longer.

If you’re interested in supporting these little engineers in their quest to protect Pickering, you can donate to or volunteer with the Beaver Trust.

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