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Is our Education System Ready for a Sustainable Future? Speak Up! Ep 7

Words by Harrison Read

In the latest episode from Speak Up by Smiley Movement, three inspiring activists come together, each with different ideas on how we can Reboot The Future.

Engage in a Thoughtful Dialogue on Integrating Sustainability into Education

Reboot the Future's mission is to foster a new world where we treat others and the planet as we’d wish to be treated. If followed, this simple guiding principle, known as the Golden Rule, has the power to transform our world into a more compassionate and sustainable one. It’s the golden thread that runs through Reboot The Future's campaigns, education and leadership programmes.

Join Our Journey of Empowerment 

Be part of a conversation that transcends education, celebrating sustainability and striving for a just world. Tune in and be moved by the stories that shape our collective fight for a better tomorrow.

Want to Hear More from Our Incredible Panel?

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