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King Charles III redirects crown funds to UK public

Words by Abi Scaife

King Charles III has redirected funds that would ordinarily go to the royal family, so that they'll be donated to charity.

Tell me more...

Profits from windfarms owned by the crown estate, which usually generates £1 billion a year, will be given to ‘wider public good’ at the request of King Charles III.

That sounds brilliant.

It does! With the taxpayer-funded sovereign grant, the King currently gets 25% of the crown estate’s annual surplus. 

His decision to put these funds towards the UK public means that approximately £1 billion will be earmarked to help people, which is all the more important during the cost of living crisis, which King Charles highlighted in his Christmas broadcast.

There’s no word yet on what exactly the money will go towards, but we do know that it will be for the benefit of the UK public.

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