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Man City FC raises water awareness

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Premier League Champions Manchester City FC is on a mission to create a better, more water-secure world.

It has renewed a partnership with water technology and education company Xylem, which brings awareness of water challenges to people around the world – as well as bringing water to the forefront of climate change discussions. 

This can only be a good thing: we are running out of fresh water, thanks to factors like climate change, littering and pollution. Already, around the world, six million people have to walk long distances for water every single day, sometimes as much as six kilometres. That’s about the length of 700 London buses parked end to end.

“Through our partnership, we are creating a unique and powerful platform to connect with millions of fans around the world, spark conversation on water challenges and solutions – and inspire widespread action,” said Patrick Decker, President and CEO of Xylem.

“We’re energised by the opportunities that lie ahead, and the potential to accelerate progress in our mission to solve water.”

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How are they raising water awareness?

One of the things Xylem and Manchester City have done to help raise water awareness and improve water security is a partnership with Strava, the fitness tracking app. The StravaWalk for Water’ challenge – which was championed and completed by Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City FC – encouraged people to log six kilometres of activity on Strava over the course of two weeks.

By doing this, it encouraged people to think about water waste, as well as countries around the world who do not have the same water security that, for example, the UK does. Pep even put up some signed merch that a few lucky UK based challengers won, after logging their full six kilometres.

Since they first partnered with Xylem, Manchester City FC has helped 500 young community football leaders to deliver water awareness, education and access to 20,000 children in eight countries around the world. 

Inspired to act?

DONATE: Give to WaterAid and help improve access to clean, safe drinking water across the world.

VOLUNTEER: Help provide clean water by volunteering with WaterAid.


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