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Chef-prepped meals for refugees

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A nonprofit that provides chef-prepared meals for people in need are stretching their services to support the thousands of people affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Volunteers at Mercy Chefs, the US-based disaster relief organization, are on the ground in Romania, near the Ukrainian border, to support those fleeing the country. 

The nonprofit has provided relief in more than 28 states since it was launched in 2006, and has offered nearly 20 million meals in response to disasters and emergencies. 

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Now, their efforts are focused on giving immediate food relief for Ukrainians. “Right now, we are mobilizing emergency relief food distribution from a warehouse space along the border across the border into areas of great need,” the nonprofit says.

“We are partnering with local churches and missionaries doing everything they can to help their neighbors and communities.”

Mercy Chefs says the biggest needs they have right now to support the people in need are: pantry staples, baby formula, hygiene products, and diapers. 

“We are working to provide the most relief we can for those in desperate need of basic necessities,” they said.

“Our team will be assessing long-term needs and opportunities in hopes of providing continued relief by establishing a field kitchen to begin providing hot meals in the coming weeks and months.”

Inspired to act?

DONATE: You can donate to Mercy Chefs to help them continue providing food to those in need. 

GET INVOLVED: Volunteer for Mercy Chefs – find out the support they need on their website

SUPPORT UKRAINE: If you're looking for ways to help Ukrainian refugees, read our support guide


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