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Nestlé helps feed homeless in Ireland

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Nestlé has announced that it is continuing its powerful partnership with Dublin Simon Community, a charity that works to prevent and address homelessness in Ireland. 

The partnership will involve the donation of Nestlé food and beverage products to support the work of the charity in delivering emergency accommodation and long-term housing for individuals and families.

In 2020, Dublin Simon assisted over 7,600 families and individuals with over 1,900 securing short-term accommodation with or due to Dublin Simon support or referrals.

More than 4 million cups of coffee

Over the last number of years, Nestlé Ireland has provided over 4 million cups of Nescafé coffee and 250,000 KitKat bars to support Dublin Simon across a range of service delivery to people in need of emergency and long-term accommodation, medical treatment, counselling services, as well as education and employability courses for those looking to upskill and re-enter the workforce.

According to Kieran Conroy, Nestlé Ireland country manager, Nestlé is proud to support Simon's work in the heart of the community where it helps those who are homeless or at risk through providing medical treatment, recovery, counselling and other vital services.

Sam McGuinness, the CEO of Dublin Simon Community, acknowledged Nestlé's ongoing commitment to their vision to make home a reality, commenting that it is through lasting partnerships that significant impact and positive change can be made.

"As a vital supporter of our Food for Simon programme, Nestlé Ireland has provided our clients, residents and services with essential products, leading to significant cost-savings of over €250,000 which have allowed us to focus funding on the life-saving housing, treatment and key working services that need it most," he said.  

Inspired to act?

DONATE: You can support the work of the Dublin Simon Community by donating

VOLUNTEER: The Irish charity is always looking for volunteers to help deliver their work across the country. 


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