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Obah's Journey: From War-Torn Kuwait to Culinary Empowerment with Migrateful

Words by Harrison Read

30 years ago Obah was forced to leave Kuwait, where she was brought up, to escape the Gulf War. Her family were unable to return to Somalia due to the war there, so they fled to Europe. Obah never cooked when she was young, as her mum never had time to teach her. She learnt to cook when she got married to her husband 23 years ago, starting with Kabes (Somalian chapatti).


Migrateful trains refugees and migrants to deliver cookery classes in their native cuisine. To date, the charity have conducted almost 4,000 cookery classes, enriching the lives of more than 40,000+ participants across London, Bristol, Margate, Canterbury, and Brighton. 

They've supported 92 chefs from around the world, giving them a platform to share their culture, culinary brilliance and pursue happier, fulfilling lives.

Discover the transformative power of Migrateful and how your support fuels positive change: 

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