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Ozone layer on track to be healed

Words by Abi Scaife

A new report has found that the Earth’s ozone layer is on track to be healed within just a few decades.

That’s great news!

It really is! Thanks to actions by governments around the world, the protective layer around the earth is set to be healed everywhere (aside from the polar regions) by 2040.

As for the rest of the ozone layer, it looks like it will be healed by 2045 over the Arctic and 2066 over the Antarctic, according to this new research.

How has this happened?

The damage being done to the ozone layer became a public concern in the 1980s, and since then governments and organisations have made an effort to change things.

In 1989 the Montreal Protocol was launched, a global agreement to cut out chemicals that are extremely harmful to the ozone layer.

Since then the ozone layer has been steadily healing, making this a huge win for climate action - and showing just how much of a difference humanity can have if we work together!

This article aligns with the UN SDG Climate Action.

This article aligns with the following UN SDGs

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